Misha getting emotional about the ending of We Are Not Ourselves


Today I met the man that saved my life. I met Misha Collins and he is the loveliest person, he brought me up on stage and showed off my pants to everybody. He cared so much about what I had to ask and he found the coke cans hilarious.
Whatever people say about Misha Collins isn’t true, this man is the sweetest person you will ever meet and he is the reason I am breathing today.
Yes, I am the girl in the rainbow pants.



Raise your hand if you’re worried season ten will be a clusterfuck of overhyped demon!Dean ending in three episodes, perpetual Team Free Will separation, more of brooding Sam when he’s capable of being badass, no progress with a healthier brother bond, forced angel-cest between Cas and Hannah, more strippers portrayed as the “wrong” thing to be, and boatloads of WE’RE OUTSTANDING HETEROSEXUALS from Dean and Cas.



did you mean: exactly what is going to happen